Vicinity App Reviews

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Easy to use, sounds good

Simple way to get incidental background sounds to help you work via menubar app. Works fine, sounds are good and not so short that you can tell when it loops.

I bought this…Now it’s free. Good thing too.

I bought this app. I believe it was $1.99 or something like that. I wanted a menubar app that would work when not connected to the internet unlike noisli or others. It was a bit shocking when the weedwacker started going off on the “peaceful coast” track so I switched to the “calm promenade” and about got hit by a box truck. The loops are short and noticeable. Save your time and money and download some storm noises mp3 and play with iTunes. Vicinity, if you read this feel free to issue refund.

Lovely Background Noise App

First impression of this is very good. There is a nice collection of background noises and it seems to work exactly as expected. It is well worth the price of admission.

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